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    2018 Lottery Calendar WINNERS!!!

    December 2018 - Call Tri-Town Ice Arena at 603-485-1100 to claim your PRIZE!

    Congrats to Alison Pelletier for selling almost 100 calendars this year to take home the honor of TOP SELLER.

    12/1 - Samuel Chapman          12/10 - Stacy Martin
    12/2 - Bob Beaudette
    12/3 - Joe Mitchell
    12/4 - Sharon Lane
    12/5 - Jim Paris
    12/6 - James Pelletier
    12/7 - Ferdinand Cruz
    12/8 - Brian Rae Sr.
    12/9 - Nicole Rae

    Mini Monarchs  (Learn to Play Hockey) and Mite Development  Sign Ups.....

    We are accepting registrations for the Mini Monarchs (Learn to Play Hockey Program) and the Mite Development Program.  Please click on the "Team" link above and scroll down to respective tabs for information.  To enroll please call 603-485-1100 for questions please email

    Monarchs and Royals Tryouts

    Our Youth Tryouts have concluded.  Some open spots remain. Please reach out to Jeremy at if interested.

    Monarchs accepted to Eastern Hockey Federation Tier 1 for 2017-2018 Season


    The New Hampshire Jr. Monarchs youth hockey organization is the largest youth hockey program in the Granite State; a statistic from USA Hockey from the 2015-16 season, just took another giant step towards becoming the flagship hockey program for all of New Hampshire. The long-time perennial power house in both Junior hockey as well as Midgets in the northeast, have just scored their biggest goal. It's time to celebrate, and get to work in Monarchs country. The New Hampshire Junior Monarchs YOUTH teams have been accepted to the Eastern Hockey Federation....from Mites to Bantam. Game over.

    The EHF was started in 2004 and is comprised of two (2) levels of hockey (Elite and Tier 1) and usually dominates the placement of players into USA Hockey select festivals (28 out of 42 total players selected in Massachusetts for the 15, 16 and 17's played in the EHF, for instance.)

    The Jr. Monarchs will begin competing in the EHF Tier 1 next season. The top teams in the program at each age group will now compete in a high-quality league.

    The organization will continue to operate weekly skills sessions, offer age appropriate practice times, and multiple practices a week with a focus on the American Development Model. The move to the EHF rounds out the program's commitment to a "from cradle to college" approach. It also solidifies our spot in the market place and gives us the opportunity to surge past our competitors.

    "We have been waiting for an opportunity like this for a long time. Our loyal youth hockey players and families have seen not only some of the best, but perhaps some of the not-so-excitable times for the program. The move to the EHF was made specifically with our players and families in mind, and our desire to improve the youth hockey experience for them. We want to grow our youth program, now we can, and we will. We are ready to enhance the most notable aspects of our program, with some of those being, the most dedicated families, players, friends, sponsors, billets, supporters and fans here in the northeast. Let's be honest, THOSE are the people who ultimately make up our program. I'm really looking forward to welcoming many new players and families to OUR program. This is a game changer for the organization", said the director of Junior Hockey Operations Ryan Frew.

    Jack Sweeney, the Director of Hockey Operations for the EHF added this, "The EHF is very excited to be adding the NH Monarchs and the Northern Cyclones to its Tier 1 division. These teams have a long history of running first class organizations with a tract record that is focused on developing their youth into highly skilled hockey players. The EHF looks forward to their participation which will begin in September for the 2017- 2018 season".

    Program Director, Bob Ingerson adds, “These types of decisions are made because we feel it is what is best for players that are advancing though USA Hockey's ladder of development. Joining the EHF promises the best hockey preparedness experience for your player due to the organization of the league and the number of youth hockey programs the league is made up of.  The EHF offers the highest level of competition while minimizing the overall travel commitment required.  We are excited about the future of the NH Junior Monarchs.”

    Tryouts for all youth hockey teams will begin in March 1st. There is a movement happening in Hooksett, NH. Come be a part of it.

      Upcoming Tournaments

      August 10-12, 2018
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      August 17-19, 2018
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      March 22-24, 2019
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