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New Hampshire Junior Varsity Hockey League


Congratulations to the Hanover HS JV team on their 2021-2022 NHJVHL Championship !!!

NHJVHL Playoffs

February 26, 2022 11:50am TT-South NHJVHL Bishop Guertin Concord
February 26, 2022 8:20pm Ryan Frew NHJVHL Bedford Hanover
February 27, 2022 5:10pm Ryan Frew NHJVHL Bishop Guertin Hanover

Opening Night for the NHJVHL

21-22 NHJVHL Standings

Team: Wins: Loss: Ties: Points: GF: GA: GD:
Bishop Guertin 10 2 20 55 13 42
Bedford 8 2 2 18 50 20 30
Hanover 8 2 16 53 17 36
Concord 6 3 3 15 34 29 5
Pinkerton 4 8 8 18 45 -27
Londonderry 4 9 8 30 50 -20
Keene 3 8 1 7 33 52 -19
Trinity 1 9 2 25 69 -44

21-22 Schedule

Date: Time: Rink: Home: Away:
2021-12-17 5:40pm Ryan Frew Londonderry Bedford
7:10pm Ryan Frew Concord Pinkerton
7:20pm TT-South Trinity Hanover
2021-12-19 6:30pm Ryan Frew Londonderry Keene
7:00pm TT-South Bishop Guertin Pinkerton
8:00pm Ryan Frew Bedford Hanover
8:30pm TT-South Concord Trinity
2021-12-21 8:20pm Ryan Frew Bishop Guertin Keene
2021-12-26 6:00pm Ryan Frew Pinkerton Hanover
7:00pm TT-South Bishop Guertin Trinity
7:30pm Ryan Frew gBedford Keene
8:30pm TT-South Londonderry Concord
2021-12-28 5:00pm Ryan Frew Keene Concord
6:30pm Ryan Frew Bishop Guertin Hanover
8:00pm Ryan Frew Londonderry Trinity
2022-01-02 6:30pm Ryan Frew Concord Hanover
6:50pm TT-South Bedford Pinkerton
8:00pm Ryan Frew Londonderry Bishop Guertin
8:20pm TT-south Trinity Keene
2022-01-09 6:30pm Ryan Frew Concord Bishop Guertin
7:00pm TT-South Trinity Bedford
8:30pm TT-South Pinkerton Londonderry
2022-01-14 5:40pm Ryan Frew Keene Pinkerton
7:10pm Ryan Frew Hanover Londonderry
7:20pm TT-South Bedford Bishop Guertin
2022-01-16 6:30pm Ryan Frew Bedford Concord
7:00pm TT-South Pinkerton Trinity
8:30pm TT-South Hanover Bishop Guertin
2022-01-21 5:40pm Ryan Frew Keene Londonderry
7:20pm TT-south Trinity Bedford
2022-01-23 6:30pm Ryan Frew Keene Concord
7:00pm TT-South Hanover Trinity
7:50pm Ryan Frew Pinkerton Bishop Guertin
8:30pm TT-South Bedford Londonderry
2022-01-28 5:40pm Ryan Frew Hanover Keene
7:10pm Ryan Frew Concord Pinkerton
7:20pm TT-South Bishop Guertin Londonderry
2022-01-30 5:30pm Ryan Frew Keene Bedford
7:00pm Ryan Frew Pinkerton Hanover
7:10pm TT-South Trinity Concord
2022-02-06 6:00pm Ryan Frew Keene Bishop Guertin
7:00pm TT-South Hanover Pinkerton
7:30pm Ryan Frew Trinity Londonderry
8:30pm TT-South Concord Bedford
2022-02-13 6:30pm Ryan Frew Hanover Bedford
7:00pm TT-South Londonderry Keene
8:00pm Ryan Frew Bishop Guertin Concord
8:30pm TT-south Pinkerton Trinity
2022-02-25 5:50pm Ryan Frew 1st Place 4th Place
7:20pm TT-South 2nd Place 3rd Place
2022-02-27 5:10pm Ryan Frew Winner Winner

New Hampshire Junior Varsity Hockey League

The 4th Annual NHJVHL for the 2021-2022 season is accepting teams. 8 teams will be accepted for this season. Only a couple spots remain. If you wish for your team to be considered for the league please contact Bob Ingerson at or 207-349-0990.

Games will be played on Sundays, early evenings. 12 game schedule.

Only complete school teams will be accepted, no individual sign ups.